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      Cotton Business
      Address:China Textile Building, 19 Jianguomen Inner Street, Beijing, ChinaTelephone:86-10-65281122

      Chinatex Corporation entered cotton business in 1951 and achieved the leading position in China. Our purpose is to shoulder the mission of maintaining the safety of national cotton industry by serving our customers in a reliable and efficient way.


      We are a leader in Chinese cotton market serving all major production and consumption areas.

      We manage origination in China especially in Xinjiang.

      Our operations include planting, ginning, storage, merchandizing, marketing and logistics.

      We are one of the biggest cotton importers in China.

      We are the originator of Chinatex Terms and Rules which are commonly accepted in the cotton market.

      Our strengths in Cotton

      Our Cotton Business Division has built a strong reputation through the solid cooperation with widespread Xinjiang ginning factories and PCC.

      Due to our presence in Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei and other main consumption regions, we hold the major networks for marketing cotton in China.

      We are the main channel for cotton import in China, constantly improving overseas sourcing capability and have invested in cotton farming in Australia.