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      Binzhou Chinatex Yintai Industrial Co., Ltd.

      Established in November 2003, Binzhou Chinatex Yintai Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional cotton warehouse controlled by Chinatex Cotton International Trading Co., Ltd. Situated in the "textile capital of China" – the High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Binzhou City, Shandong Province, it is engaged in the business of cotton warehousing and transportation in the most important cotton distribution area in the country.

      Binzhou Chinatex Yintai Industrial Co., Ltd. possesses multiple qualifications in the cotton warehousing industry: the national reserve social warehouse, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange delivery warehouse, CNCE delivery warehouse and the supervisory warehouse with “professional storage supervision plus on-the-spot notarized inspection”. It has the ability to receive, store and transport by railway and highway, serving as an excellent benchmark for the cotton warehousing industry.

      Binzhou Chinatex Yintai Industrial Co., Ltd. abides by the operating tenet of "strict management, enthusiastic service, safety and efficiency, striving for first-class", promotes corporate image with standardized system management and builds its market reputation through the best service with integrity and high quality.

      Address: No. 14, Huyue 3rd Road, Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Binzhou, Shandong Province
      Post code: 256623
      Telephone: 0543-3613889
      Fax: 0543-3613613
      Email: bzyt@163.com